平素より、ホテル アゴーラ 大阪守口をご利用いただき誠にありがとうございます。
この度、法令に基づく館内電気設備等の安全基準検査 および 法定検査実施に伴い、下記日程にてホテル全館停電を実施いたします。 作業中は館内設備に制限が出てまいります。 停電中は以下の点にご留意くださいますようお願い申し上げます。



11月20日(月) 午前1時〜午前5時







・給湯がご利用いただけません。( 浴室、シャワー、洗面台等の給水は停止しませんが、お湯は出ません)


・停電中の緊急時はホテル代表電話(06-6994-1111) または フロント緊急用電話(070-3773-8432)に



※停電中は、防火・防災 および 緊急事態に備えて係員が巡回し万全を期しております。




Notice of Scheduled Power Outage for Legal Inspection


Thank you for your continued patronage of Hotel Agora Osaka Moriguchi.
In accordance with the safety standard inspection and legal inspection of the electrical facilities in the hotel, a power outage is scheduled for the following period. During this time, there will be some restrictions on the hotel facilities. Please be aware of the following points during the power outage.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


<Work Schedule>

Monday, November 20, 1:00 am – 5:00 am
*Guests staying on Sunday, November 19 will be affected.


<Facilities in the building>

– All lighting in the building, including the lobby, hallways, and emergency stairs, will be turned off, and emergency lighting will be turned on for approximately one hour.
– Elevators will not be available. (Elevators will be stopped from 12:00 am.) Guests arriving and returning during the blackout will be escorted to their rooms by hotel staff via the emergency stairs.
– Automatic doors at the hotel entrance will be opened and closed manually.
– Air conditioning will be turned off throughout the hotel, including in guest rooms.
– Bidet seat function in toilets will not be available.
– Vending machines and ice machines will not be available in the hotel.
– Internet and Wi-Fi will not be available.
– In case of emergency, please use the emergency stairs.


<Facilities in the guest rooms>

– All lighting in the guestrooms will be turned off. Only the hallway lights on the guest room floors will be turned on for approximately 1 to 2 hours.
– Hot water will not be available. (Water supply for bathrooms, showers, sinks, etc. will not be stopped, but hot water will not be available.)
– Electricity in the guest rooms will be cut off. Electrical appliances such as power outlets, telephones, refrigerators, televisions, and bidet seats will not be available.
– Please be sure to unplug all electrical devices (computers, tablets, etc.) you have brought with you and turn them off beforehand to avoid the possibility of data loss.
– In case of emergency during the power outage, please call the hotel’s main number (06-6994-1111) or the front desk emergency number (070-3773-8432) or visit the front desk.


*During power outages, our staff will be patrolling the area to ensure fire and disaster prevention and to prepare for emergencies.


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