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Japanese Restaurant Koyomi

Each dish with a sense of the changing seasons Kaiseki cuisine by the 24 solar terms

Koyomi offers Japanese cuisine based on the 24 solar terms and using seasonal ingredients from around Japan. Our dishes allow guests to experience the changing of the seasons. In addition to seasonal kaiseki and a la carte menus, we also offer a wide selection of locally brewed sake that goes perfectly with each of our delicious dishes. We offer a variety of seating options, including a tatami room with a sunken kotatsu, private rooms with chairs and tables, and a sushi counter where you can enjoy conversation while dining on seasonal fish.

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Restaurant name Japanese Restaurant Koyomi (4F)
Hours Temporarily closed for the time being.
Number of seats 67 seats (Non-smoking)
Private rooms 3 private rooms
Matsu room (Capacity: 6-20 persons)
Take room (Capacity: 4-6 persons)
Western style room (Capacity: 10-20 persons)
Inquiries Restaurant reservation +81-6-6994-1185